FAQ - Miele Dishwashers - Settings, usage, tips & fixes

Built-in water softener (no, its not a gimmick!)

Should I make use of my built-in water softener?* = Yes (Extends longevity of your appliance, use of less detergent etc)
*Adelaide metro area water supply, does not apply for use of rainwater or bore water 

Water hardness setting = 7*
*7 is an average and covers fluctuations, depending on supply catchment and season

Dishwasher salt

Where to buy?

We sell Miele dishwasher salt in both our Plympton and Unley stores

How long will it last? = on average 3-4 months (usage dependent) 


Tablets vs Powder = Tablets for full loads, Powder for full or varying loads

Rinse aid = not needed if using tablets (which contain built-in rinse aid)

Drainage or F11 faults

May be caused by a blocked drain pump = Your Miele user manual describes the steps in accessing your drain pump, no tools required!