When purchasing your appliances from Rawsons Appliances you are covered by the manufacturers warranty. This does vary from brand to brand so please discuss this with your Sales Consultant at the time of ordering. If you ever need to arrange a service or warranty call please contact your Sales Consultant.

Proof of purchase must be provided before any service work covered by warranty can be undertaken.

Where the appliance fault or failure is proven, the warranty covers the repair or replacement of the appliance.

In all cases, the manufacturer reserves the right to inspect the appliance(s) and to repair where it is feasible and practical to do so.

Where a repair or replacement is deemed not possible or viable and subject to manufacturer and retailer agreement, a refund may be offered.

If a product is located outside of a metropolitan area additional fees such as travel and transportation charges may be applicable for repair or replacement.

**Please Note** GAS cooktops and REFRIGERATION service requests will be referred directly to the Supplier.

Covered by warranty

Any electrical or mechanical part(s) supplied with or as part of the appliance other than those excluded below.

Parts that are supplied or replaced at any time, whether in or out of the manufacturer’s warranty period, are supplied with a separate 6 month parts only warranty.

Not Covered by Warranty

Furniture or cabinet work, door facings, plinths, etc. surrounding or attached to the appliance.

Any consumables or renewable item that has a limited life, such as light bulbs (other than in microwave ovens and other appliances where special equipment is required to access the bulb).

Items that can break in the normal course of use and wear, such as oven trays and shelves, fridge and freezer drawers, dishwasher baskets, etc. other than where the fault is due to an obvious and visible manufacturing defect.

Parts that are broken or impaired as a result of accidental damage or improper use, e.g. oven door glasses that shatter due to scratches from tools, rings, abrasive cleaning agents, etc. oven fascia's that peel or discolour due to grilling with the oven door open (some models) stainless steel hobs that discolour due to hotplate/burner operations without a pan or utensil (the above are illustrative examples only and do not compromise an exhaustive or definitive list).

Costs of service engineer attendance where they report “No appliance fault” e.g. no evidence of the alleged or reported fault despite adequate and thorough testing, dishwashers not cleaning correctly where incorrect salt, no salt and/or no rinse aid are used, laundry appliance with blockages caused by coins, paper and other foreign matter (the above are illustrative examples only and do not compromise an exhaustive or definitive list).

Damage caused by abuse (e.g. use of the appliances for a purpose other than for which it was designed or intended).

Commercial use (e.g. in schools, hotels and guest houses, etc.) of appliances designed, intended and sold for domestic use only.

Damage caused by incorrect/inappropriate handling or transportation. Damage sustained during transportation and delivery from the manufacturer or its agents must be reported within the stipulated reporting period – a damaged appliance must not be installed.

Consequential loss or damage resulting from an appliance fault or failure e.g. loss of foodstuffs in refrigeration appliances, damage to or loss of clothing in laundry appliances, damage to floors, furniture, etc. from water leaks or fire from any electrical or gas appliance (the above are illustrative examples only and do not compromise an exhaustive or definitive list).

Call-out charges where applicable must be paid even where no work is done.

Weber BBQ's are covered by Weber's extended warranty - refer to the individual products for Warranty period.

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