FAQ - Are repairs worthwhile?

Miele appliance repairs - Are they worthwhile? 

"Do you think it's worthwhile in repairing my Miele appliance?" I get asked this question all the time.

On quite a substantial number of instances, all your appliance may require is a service!

For example if your

> Miele washing machine is not spinning or washing properly;

> Miele heat-pump or condenser dryer is not drying your clothes;

> Miele dishwasher no longer appears to clean your dishes to a satisfactory standard   

During service, we are able to interface to your appliance with our Miele MDU diagnostical test equipment we carry with us, being able to read out operating hours,  fault log, adjust parameters and update software, if available. 

Miele appliances are 'engineered and tested to the equivalent of 20 years’ average usage' Or 10000hrs of total usage for a washing machine for example, that can only be shown during in the MDU diagnostical tool during a service visit.

Did you know that only a Miele authorised service agent carries this important test equipment?  

Miele MDU diagnostical interface port on a washing machine Miele MDU diagnostical tool in use on a washing machine


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