Miele H 7464 Oven

The Miele H 7464 Oven offers a premium baking and roasting experience. It's designed to deliver exceptional cooking results while adding a modern touch to your kitchen.

Key Features

  • TwinPower convection fans ensure fast and even heat distribution
  • Moisture Plus feature adds steam for perfect baking and roasting results
  • Pyrolytic cleaning function burns off food residues, reducing them to ash for easy removal
  • FlexiClip runners allow for flexible and safe access to baking trays and racks


The Oven has a Moisture Plus Function which helps me achieve perfect results by adding bursts of steam to my cooking. The bread crust come out crispy and the lean meat won’t dry out. The Meat Probe measures the core temperature of my roast which gives me peace of mind that I will have a perfect roast. Taste control prevents food from over cooking.

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