The New Liebherr UWTgb 1682 Wine Cellar

The New Liebherr UWTgb 1682 Wine Cellar

The perfect environment for your wine.

Not all of us are wine aficionados, but that shouldn’t stop us being able to maximise our appreciation of wine. The important point to remember is that no matter the wine – the way it is stored and the temperature at which it is served will determine the flavour and the level of enjoyment in drinking it.

Whether it’s the weekly quaffer or a more expensive bottle for that special occasion, cellaring wine means we will get the very best out our investment, and let’s be honest – that’s why we purchase wine in the first place.

Different varieties of wine demand different storage and serving temperatures, allowing too for some personal tastes. Full bodied red wines are more often enjoyed at warmer temperatures than white wine and of course sparkling wines and champagne are best served chilled.

Liebherrs new UWTgb 1682 multi-zone wine cellar is a built-in unit designed to fit snugly into any kitchen, butlers pantry or dedicated cellar. Being a dual zone system you can easily have that dinner red sitting nicely at temperature while your celebratory bottle of champagne is being well chilled for toasting. With storage for up to 34 bottles, it offers touch controls with adjustable temperatures from +5°C to +20°C, a handle-less push to open black glass door & LED internal lighting.

Liebherr UWTgb 1682 Wine Cellar - installed

All Liebherr wine cellars offer perfect storage conditions by preventing temperature fluctuations, UV light & vibrations – all of which can ‘damage’ a wine. In addition, these temperatures can be adjusted for short or long-term cellaring depending on the wine. There’s a wide range of Liebherr wine cellars to select from depending on your installation requirements and storage needs.

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9th May 2019 Peter Lawson

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